The Administrative Tribunal of Immigration for their competence and their structure has been viewed as a decentralized body under the Ministry of Interior and Police, which is characterized by a non-hierarchical, comptroller of legality, impartiality and operational independence.

It is integrated by :
Esteban Lemus Laporte, president.
Gabriela Richard Rodríguez, vicepresident.
Richard Calderón Agüero, Secretary.



Tribunal Administrativo Migratorio
The Court is located in San Jose, Costa Rica, Neighborhood Escalante, of the old Pulpería La Luz,
50 meters in the northern part, orange building, left hand, 2nd floor
Hours: 7 am to 3 pm. Monday to Friday.
Phones: (506) 2253-4854 / 2253-4871 / 2253- 4894 | Fax: (506) 2253-4845 |
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